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Sikkim State Lottery Today's Result 11:55 AM 4PM 8PM

Welcome to Sikkim State Lottery Today's Result blog website. If you want to download today 22.03.2020 sikkim state lotteries result then you are in correct place. Here we are uploading lottery result for people who buy lottery tickets. To download the result of this lottery you do not have to go around, because we upload the result of this lottery daily.

Sikkim State Lottery

Today 11:55 AM Result

West Bengal State Lottery

Today 04:00 PM Result

Nagaland State Lottery

Today 08:00 PM Result

Old Result

11:55 AM 4PM 8PM

You can also download its result from it official website. The Sikkim lottery is quite popular and the number of people who buy it is in crores. Sale of state lottery has increased very much and in the future it likely to double its sell. People love sikkim lottery and buy it daily.So let's talk about it in detail.

Today, we will tell you about sikkim state lottery in detail. It has been playing the state lotteries for many decades and people like it so much. People know sikkim lottery by many names such as Dear lottery, parrot sikkim lottery etc. But the name that has become most popular is Deer sikkim lottery. How many lotteries came and went but the sikkim state lottery is still in progress.

But there is one thing that since Deer's name is associated with name of sikkim lottery, its sell have increased so much. Many people also know it as lottery sambad.

Lottery is played in many states, but in Sikkim State lottery there is something else. Many states make lottery tickets, with the most states being from the northeast. There are many states in the northeast, whos lottery tickets are quite popular. But Sikkim State lottery is the most popular because people know it for many decades, and a lot of people have got millions of rupees from this lottery ticket.

Draw time of Sikkim State Lottery

Earlier this lottery used to be played three times a day but now only happens once, because lots of states are started to play lottery because of this sikkim lottery is played only once a day. Earlier this lottery played only in two-three state of India but now this lottery has played in many states of India like Bengal, Arunachal, Nagaland etc. The sikkim lottery game is played only once a day and that too at 11:55 am in the morning, and rest of the other two lottery played the other states. So let's know about them in detail.

Sikkim State Lottery 11:55 AM Result

The first of the lottery is played at 11:55 in the morning, which the State Government carries, and the result of this lottery comes after 12:00. You can easily download its lottery results from our website. We have created this blog only for lottery results so that we can easily make lottery results available to you all.

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You do not have to go anywhere to download the Sikkim lottery result because we are providing all the results of Sikkim Lottery here. People like the Sikkim State Lottery and millions of people buy it every day to try their luck and the fate of many people also shines. Because of this lottery, the fortunes of thousands of people have changed, they have received a lot of prize money due to which their life has changed.

If you want to try your luck, you should buy Sikkim lottery once in just 15 days so that you can try your luck. Humans should try their luck one or the other because no one knows the fate of someone, because of this reason many people I have seen that they use lotteries in their life to try their luck.

I have bought a lottery ticket several times to try my luck, in which I got a small prize amount of two to three times. I have seen the fate of many people changing through this lottery.

Sikkim State Lotteries 04:00 PM Result

The second lottery played by West Bengal Government is done at 4:00 in the evening and you can download the result after 4:00 pm. Like the Sikkim State Lottery, the West Bengal State Lottery is also becoming very popular and people like it a lot. Everyday millions of people buy this lottery ticket to try their luck.

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A lot of people have changed their fate due to this lottery. People now enjoy lottery tickets at 4:00 in the evening as their result comes after 4:00 so there is no need to wait any longer.

You can download the result of this lottery ticket from our website or you can download results of this lottery tickets from the official website. People know the 4:00 lottery ticket as the Sikkim State Lottery, ow this lottery plays West Bengal government which many people still do not know.

Sikkim State Lotteries 08:00 PM Result

The third lottery is played at 8:00 pm and you can download the result of it from our website after 8:00 or you can download the result of this from the official website. The game of this lottery is done by the Nagaland Government at night.

Earlier this lottery was played three times a day but now only happens at night. This lottery is also quite popular among people, because its prize amount is very high. A lot of people have become Lakhpati for this lottery, which is a good thing.

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If you are also fond of lottery, you should definitely buy this State lottery ticket once. You can also download this lottery result from our blog website in PDF format in easily. Download the Lottery Result, then do it only in PDF because DBF format does not support all devices.

Clicking on the download button it will be automatically downloaded in your mobile or in the computer.

Lottery Prize amount list according to the government of Sikkim state.
1st Prize amount
Rs 26 lakh /-
2nd Prize amount
Rs 9000/-
3rd Prize
Rs 500/-
4th Prize
Rs 250/-
5th Prize
Rs 120/-

Price of Sikkim State Lottery

The price of a ticket for Sikkim Lottery is rupees 6. If you want to purchase this ticket, you will have to buy at least five tickets at one time because it’s also comes in the series like 5 Series 10 Series 20 Series 50 Series 200 or 500 Series. As the ticket series increases, the ticket price will also increase. The interesting thing is that you buy 5 series or 500 series but the price of the first price will be Rs 2600000 only.

That's why I will suggest you buy five series because that which will be written in destiny will be the same. If you believe in your fate, you should sometimes try your luck through lottery tickets. I have seen many folks changing the fate because of this lottery. You can say that there is a short-term way to try your luck, which is going on since ancient times.

How to download Sikkim State Lotteries result?

From our website you can easily download the results of the Sikkim State Lottery or you can download the result of this lottery from its official website. But you do not need to go to the official website because here we are giving you all the results of the State Lottery in one place. All results will be found in the PDF format which is open in any device. There are many websites that provide results in these state lotteries such as Dhankesari, Sikkim Lottery sambad etc.

We have provided up to 2 download buttons, like clicking on your lottery result will download. All files are in PDF format which is easily opened in any devices. All the results are in high quality so that you do not have any kind of problem. Click on the download button to download your lottery result.
  • click on PDF Download button
  • open it with any PDF viewer 
Once the result is downloaded, you can see it through any PDF viewer. If your mobile does not have a PDF viewer, then download it from the Play Store and you will find a lot of PDF viewer. Once you download it, you can open any PDF file in your mobile or computer. We upload PDF results in very high quality so that you do not have any problem in seeing this.

Well, the result comes in two formats: one is DBF and the other is PDF but PDF format is very popular. Due to the pdf file being popular, we value pdf results on our website more. Do not lose time without having to download your PDF result quickly.

About Sikkim State Lotteries Page

From our website you can easily download the Morning Lottery Result Day Lottery Results and Night Lottery Result. Here we are providing you a result from different sources, which may sometimes cause delay in uploading results, so do not panic because sometimes it is late. If there is a delay in uploading lottery results then you can visit its official website like Dhankesari, Lottery sambad or Nagaland state lottery website.

From these websites you can download your results very easily because this website is official and there is no scope for doubt them. From this website, you can download the old result of Sikkim lottery, old results of 11:00 am, and old results of 4:00 p.m. 8:00 pm.

There are times when people buy lottery tickets but they cannot download their results. In this situation, they are required to get the old results, because of this we are uploading the old results here. Just go to the section of the old result, you will get an old result of all kinds. We have uploaded the old result in such a way that you can see it before downloading it, then you can update whether to download it or not. You can match your lottery right there.

Fast & Responsive lottery result download

This website has been designed for lottery results, so if you need any information related to lottery then this website is your work. On this website we only share information related to the lottery. There are always new lottery launches in the market which we know about and share it with you.

We also share information about the super bumper lottery here, if you need information related to it then you can stay connected with this website. You can take any kind of information related to lottery because we have a little bit of experience and we will definitely share this information with you.

For information related to Sikkim lottery you can stay connected with us or you can bookmark this website so that you do not have any trouble reaching it. You can ask us about any information related to Sikkim State Lottery.

We will try to tell you. You can share this website with your friends so that if they ever buy lottery then they will not have any problem in downloading lottery results.Thank you very much for giving your precious time to us.

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